Use of Artificial Intelligence or AI in promoting your business

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In today’s challenging world, everyone wants to promote their business to beat the market and be on top. However, as technology changes, methods of marketing also change. Artificial Intelligence has taken the market. Our dedicated and experienced team will surely help you to excel and achieve your business goals.

Our AI-driven solutions hold up trending changes, promoting flexibility and lasting success. CognitoJs use modern AI tools to promote your business and show them to the targeted clients.

Our Wide Range of AI Expertise

·      Generative AI

Create and promote your business with the help of Generative AI solutions. Our experienced team understands consumers and keeps in view ongoing market trends; our team will promote your business through generative AI. This is the most ongoing method for business promotion. Generative AI consists of the following subdomains:

  1. Chatbots
  2. Email Automation
  3. Code Generation
  4. Digital Assistants
  5. Content Curation

·      Computer Vision

Computer vision means to identify objects using the computer. At CognitoJS, we use computer vision to recognize and sort out places, people and objects precisely. Computer Vision is best for security purposes and will protect important information and analytics for your organization. Computer vision consists of the following subdomains

  1. Real-time Object Detection
  2. Equipment Monitoring
  3. Infrastructure Damage Detection
  4. Security Solution
  5. Store Environment Monitoring

·      Predictive Models

Using our predictive model analytics in your business will surely get better results, learn about future predictions, keep your current analytics in view, and make smarter decisions. Take advantage of this AI domain. Subdomains of predictive models are:

  1. Demand Forecasting
  2. Customer Churn Prediction
  3. Fraud Detection
  4. Supply Chain Optimization
  5. Predictive Maintenance

·      Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotic Automation

Use our IOT and robotics automation to develop AI-driven digital-physical systems. This domain consists of the following subdomains:

  1. Smart Manufacturing
  2. Smart Buildings
  3. Autonomous Vehicles
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Remote Monitoring
  6. Digital Marketing

·      Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP gets data knowledge, which makes your decision-making faster and more intelligent. NLP consists of the following subdomains:

  1. Document processing
  2. Data extraction
  3. Sentiment analysis
  4. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
  5. Natural Language Generation

·      Recommendation Engine

Our AI-driven recommendations engine will surely bring customization to your brand. Stay updated by this engine, as it recommends you keep the company’s current analytics. This Minds tool takes the market into account in decision-making. Recommendation systems consist of the following subdomains:

  1. Content Recommendations
  2. Product Recommendations
  3. Customized Travel Planning

Why CognitoJS for AI services?

CognitoJS is a well-known company In Pakistan. Our dedicated team is always ready to help our clients who are satisfied with our services. Following are some points that why people choose our services:

  1. Experience
  2. Innovation
  3. Persistence
  4. Quality
  5. Reliability
  6. Adaptability

CongitoJS Approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In CognitoJS, our dedicated and experienced team offer complete support for every part of your AI journey. We start by checking out your business details and ideas and then create a plan based on them.

We work with dedication and perfection to prepare everything and make data work well. We use a data-focused approach to deal with things like the quality of data, the amount of data and your approach. Our steps for every project consist of the following:

  1. Initial Investigation And Consultation
  2. Data Gathering
  3. Model Building And Training
  4. AI Integration
  5. Validation
  6. Ongoing Reporting And Retraining

Prominent Industries Using Our AI Services

Our AI services are known well in the market. We are one of the companies that offer AI services in many domains. Commonly, the domains in which we have worked are:

  1. Real state & property
  2. On-demand services
  3. Event & tickets
  4. Travel & Hospitality
  5. Social networking
  6. Education
  7. Transport
  8. Banking and Finance
  9. Healthcare
  10. Ecommerce & b2b
  11. Gaming & Leisure
  12. Restaurants & food


CognitoJS is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing and well-known software development companies. We focus on customer demands and work till the client is properly satisfied. Our clients are always happy with us; their companies lead the market.

Artificial Intelligence is the most updated field in the IT industry. Marketing is switching towards AI. AI has almost made everything easy. AI is in demand, whether a business-making service or a business-promoting one.

In CognitoJS, our dedicated and experienced team works properly with AI, keeping in view the market trends. We are known for our quality. So what are you waiting for? Contact us!

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